Can we bring gifts for children?

Yes. If you sponsor a child at Agua Viva you can bring special gifts to give to them in a personal one-on-one time arranged through the office. If you are bringing other gifts these need to be presented to the office with directions given on how to handle them. Usually these gifts will be kept for a child’s birthday or Christmas gifts.

Is travel in Guatemala safe?

As guests of Agua Viva your safety is our number one concern. While we cannot speak about independent travel in Guatemala, our campus is well protected and guarded. You will always be accompanied by an Agua Viva staff person whenever you leave our campus. For more information about travel in Guatemala visit the U.S. State Department international travel website

What documents do I need to travel to Guatemala?

You must have a valid passport to enter Guatemala. US citizens do not need a travel visa.

Do I need any vaccinations?

No shots are required to enter Guatemala or re-enter the United States. We do recommend a recent tetanus shot. The CDC also recommends a Hepatitis A and B for anyone who visits a developing country. 

Is it safe to drink the water or eat the food in Guatemala?

Not really, but remember you will be staying on a clean, well run campus in the country. Food is prepared onsite and purified bottled water is provided for drinking. When you travel off campus, an Agua Viva staff person will let you know where it is safe to eat.

Are there active volcanoes?

There are four active volcanoes in Guatemala. Two are visible from Guatemala City. Pacaya erupted quite violently in May 2010. The other active volcano visible from the city is Fuego. It belches out puffs of smoke several times a day, sometimes small, but sometimes quite large and impressive. The other two active volcanoes in Guatemala are Santa Maria and Santiaguito. There are a total of 36 volcanoes in Guatemala.